Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Donna waxed Ayla's stash and eyebrows last night....i sat by watching her in pain and quite enjoyed it hahaha

I think Ayla thinks her life has changed now...

I do know that with my OCD symmetry issues i should NEVER try to wax anyones face EVER. It would be disasterous.
I have a virtually hairless face so I didnt get to join in the fun...
Ayla's dad wrote me and asked me what it was like while I was preg and while Ayla was little.
I decided since he asked to unleash on him the reality...muhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha
I wish he was catholic so the guilt would really kick his ass.
Its social assitance day @ work....that means interesting freakshow.
PS: im secretly liking this satanist biz!

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