Monday, January 15, 2007

my unwell uterus greets you good day

they say more snow is coming.
i can not express how much this pisses me off so im making a point of just surrendering to it... ~sighhh~

2 more closes and then wed. off....weeeeeeeeee

i wanna rent the inconvenient truth this week...i was watching the washington news where some school down there is not letting a teach play the dvd in class unless he also plays an opposing opinion...

im usually all for that, esp. where religion is concerned but...the other side to the science is ppl motivated by greed and $ so im not quite sure what to make of it all...not global warming, im quite convinced that is a reality we are facing no matter how many ppl maintain denial about it...but the motivation to stop kids from seeing the dvd...

i have to keep in mind im fairly liberal...i think kids should be made to watch BIRTHING videos in school, gory, screaming, anus tearing ones, in hopes it makes them be more careful while having sex...etc etc... uterus is running full tilt, very clotty...(i just said that so Guy and Kelly would throw up in their mouths)

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