Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday, the day of the devil

A point form review:

-Ayla LOVED the MAC MakeUp counter....gawd help me that shit costs out the rectum, she spent her 45.00 AND another 45 of her own $ loading up on warpaint. Fuck, that backfired.

-Coerced Ayla to sit through one IMAX movie but she ditched me 4 the second but the best part was when she got home she realized she had no keys HAH HAHA HAHAHA HAHAHAHA
Karma rules.

-Ate the bestest most fab burger @ the Tudor Pub with Donna (MY NEW ASSISTANT MANAGER YEEEHAAAAAA)...then went to Walfart where i found YET ANOTHER jesus candle and a few birthday items I was wanting to get 4 Ayla...

-Went and saw Borat again (sorry Guy)...and i laughed far too much!

-Came home...THE END

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