Saturday, January 24, 2009

TAG! You're it!

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to email or blog 26 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. If I tagged you (and if you are reading this consider yourself tagged) it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I'm not married. The only person I would ever marry is Rick Springfield, even though he is 60 this year.

2. I brush my teeth in the shower every morning.

3. I was born in Prince George BC but lived in (no particular order) Vancouver BC, Coquitlam BC, Port Moody BC, Powell River BC (3x), Wainwright AB, Edgerton AB, Barrhead AB, Swan Hills AB, Rainbow Lake AB, Lacombe AB, Ponoka AB (2x), Red Deer AB (2x), Moose Jaw SK (2x), Regina SK (2x), Shaunavon SK, and now Victoria BC

4. My favorite childhood possession of all time was my red & white plastic Melody Maker record player.

5. I have never had a drivers license and now at nearly 39 I think I am going to make sure I never get one just to be extra weird.

6. I have had my tonsils out. It was horrific waking up after the operation, flailing and freaking and vomiting up all the old blood that dribbled down into my stomach.

7. When I was 8 or 9 me and my babysitters kids set a dry grassy hill on fire *BY ACCIDENT* in a field across the street from their house - we were playing with matches. We managed to stomp it out and no one ever noticed.

8. Greyhound bus rides make me incredibly melancholy and weepy.

9. One regret I have in life is that I never had a 2nd child at home in a tub of water surrounded by ppl I loved who wanted to be there for it. I could not justify knowingly bringing a 2nd child into a single parent existence just to satisfy my maternal inklings.

10. When I say I think about punching ppl in the face all day long I am not kidding.

11. I actually wish I was a happier person but I do not think it is a choice, it is a spectrum, you can only be what you are with varying degrees bas
ed on what is going on and how you feel.

12. The absolute worst moment of my life was receiving a call from my sister that my brother killed himself. That night was the longest night of my life, I recall it vividly, I slept on the couch so the TV would be on all night to keep me company and I cried for hours and hours and hours...I thought I would fall asleep but I didn't.

13. I really do not like being around retarded people. They make me
intensely uncomfortable, especially when they try to kiss me at bus stops.

14. I miss my grandparents and the luxury I took for granted in being able to ask them questions about things that happen
ed in the past & just their quirky ideas about things.

15. The state of the world scares the ever-loving s
hit out of me to the point that I think I am in a form of denial about just how bad it is in order to protect myself...which in turn makes things worse for the world I live in. I can not find the balance of being enraged enough to make change without it eating me up completely.

16. I have a terrible terrible singing voice, which is tragic b/c I really was meant to be a thin, svelte rock star.

17. I loathe American/Canadian Idol.

18. I detest flat sheets on my bed, I only use a fitted sheet on the mattress and a blanket
...NO SHEETS...and I sleep with my feet uncovered b/c I get too hot.

19. I love the ppl in my life (family and friends), I have pretty much weeded out anyone that doesn't fit into that category and it is a good feeling.

20. I often wonder what it would take for me to ever be in a counselling situation and be 100% truthful and forthcoming about my feelings. I have never told anyone or said out loud the things that play out in my mind. I was asked a very simple question once by a counsellor -what has hurt you the most in life- in reference to growing up...I could not answer it, I physically could not speak. It was a very mindful, telling experience.

21. Whenever Sarah McLachlan's SPCA commercial comes on TV I go find my cat and hug it even if she's just pissed me off.

22. I have immeasurable pride over watching my daughter grow up - she works and makes h
er own $, gets good grades, and is really growing up to be a lovely person with sharp wit and cleverity I did not possess at her age. I am positive the teenage-itis will pass and some empathy will creep into her psyche...I do detect it on occasion, in her, hiding. I do wish I had done her justice.

23. I avoid hanging out in groups. I prefer one on one socializing.

24. I hate the nobby c
overs that fix the toilet to the floor...they never stay on and are just generally gross.

25. One of the m
ost stressful things I am forced to do in life is purchase concert tickets the day they go on sale, I love 5 yrs of my life every time.

26. I have cut my own hair for 2 years, ever since the crazy Asian lady gave me a mullet.

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