Friday, August 06, 2010

eye color pervert - that's me

I am about 40 mins away from weekend freedom right now...I am alone in the office (rare occurrence and it makes me wanna do something bad only I dunno what.

Job interview yesterday went well...seemed fine but gawd knows I suck at making judgments on that sort of good sign though is that same day they called my old and new boss so that is positive...don’t wanna get too excited but...I am hopeful. I LOVE the location of the job so that alone would make me giddy...I would cancel my bus pass and walk to and from work every day. My current boss is horrified I might be going...timing sucks and I am just you know...huge office loss. (snicker) I had a feeling the moment I made all my vacation plans and got it all approved something would come up b/c that’s why I haven’t made any solid plans 4 the rest of the here’s hoping!

Ayla blessed me with her presence last night...she is a prickly pear that it 2013 yet?

I haven’t had sugar all week aside from yogurt and fruit...kicking sugar is a bitch...but once you do it the cravings decrease to a manageable level...for me never goes away...christ - if there were no consequences I‘d eat ice cream, chocolate bars, cherry blaster candy etc every day!!!!! ::pout::

Watched SPLICE last was okay...the plot seemed rushed but it wasn’t HORRID like I was expecting from other ppls opinions of it...I’ve wasted 2 hrs watching stupider shit (LAST AIRBENDER)...
Tonight it’s a night out with Hot Donna and Cancer-Free Andrea (Yay! Good news!) –Rotterdam (minus Z) is opening for the Cancer Bats so the show should kick my ass appropriately. Donna and I love Rotterdam and this will be the 1st show with the new bassist so it’ll be interesting...I am fairly confident that Z’s absence will NOT affect how much I like the band live...(I am not 16 anymore...I am not 16 anymore...I am not 16 anymore...)

Hot Donna’s moving to a new place at the end of the month and it looks like it will be fab! NO MICE either so you know she is stoked haha I am sad she is moving outta the hood really was a perfect place for Dugan and they are hard to come by as all you dog owners know...

I have been dealing with a cute little Venezuelan girl all afternoon...language barrier is excruciating...I am trying to help her but I haven’t a gawd damn clue what she’s saying really HAHAHA Although I keep being mezmorized by her eyes...they are the color of honey, all golden and sparkly...I haven’t known a few other ppl with that same eye color going on and I can’t stop staring at them...

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