Thursday, August 26, 2010

haha @ me

Thank you aunty cathy for pointing out spell check in blogger...not too sure how I missed that...seriously - it disturbs me.

Graeme's Goth Night Extravaganza was fun...met up with some old MM pals and enjoyed the 3.00 drinks...imagine a paralyzer for 3 bucks...NICE!
Music was good...I enjoyed it...I kinda missed the whole Cure/Smiths scene...I was busy being a metal head so I don't recognize much of the music but I do like it...Saw some goth dancing which is always a trip...oh u don't know what got dancing is: HERE  I look fwd to the next one we all go too b/c Jackie says she will dress up funny 4 it!!
One guy in particular was rather amusing...I look fwd to stalking his weird self on Facebook and seeing what he is all about.

It is windy out...and I like it...I am pretty tired today so when I get home its gunna be all about making some dinner later and TVing it the rest of the night...if i can pull myself away from - fugg i just bought a year membership and I love it so much hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa Best 12 bucks ever!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I had no idea goths danced, I just figured they stood there looking gloomy.

~Jen~ said...

well its