Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pokey pokey

Looks like Ayla’s staying in PR another 4 days...WOOOHOOOOOOOO...oops...too excited? Can’t help it...I am glad she’s enjoying her visit with the family and I am glad I get a few more non-confrontational days of peace. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh...

Decided to get her vaccinations up to date now...doesn’t feel as fucked up to me now that she is strong, resilient and already giving herself brain damage...I wanted her to get Hep B anyway so the others aren’t that big of a deal really now (and vaccine ingred’s have changed and improved in the last 10 yrs)...although I suspect her and I will battle about the Gardasil one – I am NOT for that at all, it is way too new and I am not digging the concept of guinea pigging her. Someone slap a conformist badge on me now so I can gag a little. I will say the health nurse I kept on the phone for an hour today was a good sport and did not get at all shitty with me about my questions and inquiries...which is new – I have no had great run ins with health nurses in my life. She even called me back 2x with updated info for me so that was pretty nice.

It’s hot as MFing shit in here today...DIE SUMMER! DIE ALREADY!!!!!! LET THE ARCTIC COOLNESS IN!!!!!

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