Thursday, September 30, 2010

...last day in my 30's

That was my little epiphany this morning on the way to is OFFICIALLY the end of my 30's.Wow. I think my 40's will be more fun than my 30's so I am game.

I did not manage to escape a work birthday thing - the 4 of us are going across the street to the Legislative Rest. for lunch...not likely to see Gordo there but it is my dream that I will see him in real life again so I can scowl and throw him eyeball daggers. I laughed reading some gLiberal a-hole whining in the media about the HST campaign harboring ppl with extreme views...UHH YEAH FUCKTARD...and then he went on to say how calling Gordo a turd is really extreme...actually I think that is the norm right now smart guy...ppl not callng Gordo a turd are the extreme ones.

Craft night last night was fun....we got right down to business and Donna and I are gunna do another giant batch of "MAGNETS OF COOLNESS"...sad part is she is gone the whole mth of Nov to Australia and Fiji and that is PRIME crafting time....well it will be for me anyway when I am not in Alberta! I am in denial about how much its gunna suck for her to be gone so long.

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Anonymous said...

Donna gets to go to Australia and you get to go to Alberta...that does sound kind of sad.
Well, I'm pumped up about your upcoming trip!
Have a fun day!