Monday, October 11, 2010

Yes, your mother can BURN steamed veggies!!

Craft Monster!!
Ok thank gawd that is over...whenever I get a little cocky and comfortable in the kitchen this sort of shit always humbles me and brings me back to the fact that I am not in love with cooking big dinners....
Awesome Jesus present from Amanda & Erin
Whilst saving the gravy (I gave that job to G b/c I didn't want the pressure hahaha) b/c it was a disaster I neglected the vegs on the stove and didn't NOTICE they were steamed out of water and the pot was BURNING on the when i took them off the stove and opened them the smoked burned smell wafted into my face making it impossible to ignore.......not realizing the pot was so HOT I even managed to burn a ring mark into the counter top....ohhh yeah it was classic epic fail cooking of the vegetables...the chicken was fine, potatoes were yummy and stuffing...even the gravy was quite decent.....we had emergency canned corn and frozen peas 4 vegs...I ten spent 30 mins SCRUBBING the fucking pot (its my fave pot!!) to get all the BURNED CHARRED BADNESS out of it...fuck. Then I was thinking I completely wasted 80 bucks to go down in history as the asshole who burns steamed vegs when we could have (SHOULD HAVE) ordered in Chinese food for half the cost.................................................yeah I am bitter...what else is new?
Graeme and I played Wii....he is so HUMBLE its REALLLY ENJOYABLE....(insert sarcasm here)...I killed him at tennis - bowling - baseball but he killed me a Mario Kart gawd dammit!
Yeah I stole this from VV - piss off.

SHOOTER was on late last night so I got to fall asleep to the image of Marky Mark with no shirt on.....sigh. Fittingly I woke up to massive amts of drool on my self this morning...was kinda gross actually.


Anonymous said...

I threw ours together last night too. Nice to be done with it. The thought of going out for dinner always stirs in my mind when I do these holiday meals too. The cost...the work...the mess.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I had to throw away a pot one Thanksgiving after burning the brussel sprouts with the waterless steaming trick. The next year I it again.

~Jen~ said...

well seriously....for nearly 80 bucks we coulda went and had a real kickass dinner at japanese village!!!!!!

barb - hahah thank you! ive done it b4 as well and its nice to know im not alone...i only ever butn vegs or meat. lol