Thursday, February 17, 2011


-today i have big puffy socks on
-today i have ground up glass in my throat...not for real - just feels like it
-today it feels like my head is trying to birth a coconut
-today i will work but im pretty sure tomorrow is a write off home day which sucks b/c theres no school so ayla will be home thus is wont be all that relaxing
-income tax time is stressing me out...i did it by hand and it sez i get 1K back (which would be awesome b/c that's a good start to saving up 4 ayla's grad next year) but ill do it again b/c the free software online i used (its free so im suspect of it quality) sed i owed 600 bucks again but that cannot be so.......fuck that...i made more than i did last yr 2 yrs ago and got nearly 2K back so i might buck up and get turbo tax again this year...or just do it on paper and mail it in and hope for the best...
-id kill a pregnant midget for a Slurpee right now
-if i had a pillow i might actually go to sleep right at my desk right now
-im glad guy is finally blogging
-the end

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