Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Felt my 1st earthquake this morning at 8:36 am...was apparently 3.1 about 24 km away from Victoria...it was extremely short...kinda felt/sounded like a bus hit the bldging or a fatty fell down the stairs...(haha wasn't me!)
Took about 30 mins to make it to the earthquake website...I filled out the survey - I wanted to be helpful seeing as it was my cherry popping earthquake and all.

G has an interview today at a jewelry store...fingers crossssssssed like a mofo!

Supposed to be hitting a film fest flick with Alex and Kelsey tonight but I haven't heard anything so I am not holding my breath just yet.

I was so dead tired last night I was in bed and sleeping at 9:45 pm...omg it was a good sleep too...I am sure I farted up a storm in my complete relaxation sleepiness...ohhh yeah...

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