Thursday, March 31, 2011


Cousin made my day yesterday telling me about how you fainted and

barfed when you looked at Maddie getting stitches in her head....SERIOUSLY...I fuggin love it...I am sorry i outed u on FB - I didn't think it was anything more than one of life's fucked up things being made humorous by our human-ness! Don't feel bad...everyone in the Quadra People's Drug Store knows I am constipated by iron supplements so we are even really!

And yes -

Madelyn is ok..she fell out of a tree on her head...but she is tough and told me she just has to be careful brushing her hair for a while - no big deal. :o)

Woke up with a broken head and a broken shoulder today...getting old is awesome.

3 day payday this month...that extra

chq goes towards Ayla's annual bus pass, trip payment, odds n ends like my pre-order of MG's new CD and Ayla's Tech N9ne concert ticket and groceries. B-Byeeeeee - thank gawd for it though! Saves my bacon 2x a year!

I need a

fuggin nap....a stand up one that doesn't involve my shoulder...I think I have flattened out my new pillow so much that I have to find yet ANOTHER sleeping position that wont kill was my neck which is why I got a new pillow but now...the shoulder...oooooo the life of a beached whale crushing itself with it's own weight....sigh.



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Cathy said...

Iwsnt a tempurpedic mattress...but I DONt want to fuck the bank manager to get the loan for it....FYI....