Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Pharmacies are retarded...rarely do you come across one that has any sense of privacy...I mean the addicts get their special corner to get their methadone etc at some of them but then when I go in to buy iron supplements some retard pharmacy guy shouts at me ARE YOU CONSTIPATED? in front of a store full of people...and proceeds to give me advice to drink more water with my iron to avoid constipation...HAHAHAHA If I was more sensitive I may have been terribly embarrassed but that shit just pisses me off...the social retardation of it...All he needed to ask (if anything at all – I mean he isn't a fucking Dr or a full blown pharmacist handing me some powerful drug or anything) was if I was having any symptoms...? Would that have been so difficult? I hate People's Drugs on Quadra...their customer service is shit now with all the newbs there and since they got rid of the nice ginger haired guy manager...he had some sense about it...the place sucks and looks like a dive. That was my adventure yesterday...being outted for my iron supplement constipation.

Since I have stopped tormenting myself with following international news the local Victoria news is even more grim it seems...the 2 little degenerates that raped, murdered and mutilated Kim Proctor are on trial and even though they plead guilty they now have to decide to sentence them as adults or not seeing as they were 16 and 17 at the time....if they get tried as adults they will spend 10 yrs in jail for sure....if not they spend 6 yrs guaranteed....Uhhh Id say stick with the 10 please...and really is that the best we can do? Is that what a life is worth? I have always found it odd that in the US you got more time for stealing someone's car than for defiling a is that? That is backwards thinking...those little assholes should spend every day of that 10 yrs doing hard labour...finger bleeding, back breaking hard labour...Amnesty International can kiss my grits on this one...they did it, they plead guilty, there is no DOUBT they are guilty...the planned, perverted and cunning nature of this crime is disgusting and disturbing for people that age – any age is not normal – they are not normal this day they are reportedly not sorry, not at all remorseful or a step closer to taking fact now they are trying to blame the other for it...I cannot help but feel terrible for their would be completely horrifying to create a monster like that...and I dunno how Kim's parents survived all this so far but...hats off to them for not blowing the fucking courthouse up.
Then there is the lovely story about a 20 yr old UVic student who was abducted near my house Friday night and raped by a car full of men for hours before being dumped near downtown...Yeah...loving city life right now...cops have nothing to go on. Awesome. Seriously considering getting Ayla a can of bear spray...but she would likely lose it like she loses her camera, wallet and phone on a regular basis hahaha

In other cat is still a spazz, my kid is going to Tech N9ne cuz I bought her a ticket during a fit of niceness, I am going to see a ballet called WONDERLAND next weekend that looks groovy...I hope there is indeed a big tranny looking dancer in it like the posters indicate...looks like I am heading to Lori's wedding in May in Parksville...quick, cheapo trip, lotsa fun to be had I am sure.....I have to pee now...I am drinking lotsa water you know...LOL


the stranded one said...

Speaking of constipation... sorta.

I tried making this vegan red velvet cake. Actually, I sorta made it, but I realized I didn't have enough red food coloring (what kind of fucking recipe calls for 2 tbsp. of red food coloring?!???) so I substituted green & yellow food coloring & made these freaky blue mini-muffins instead.

We all had green shit for days. Oh, we danced around it at first... "hey, have you noticed something strange when you use the bathroom?" - "does the toilet paper have some kind of weird dye?" - but then it became apparent that I made muffins 'o leprechaun poo & it was like ok, recipe calls for 2 tbsp. of red food coloring? Recipe gets 2 tbsp. of red food coloring.

I don't really have a point other than HEY, hello! And if you ever have to give a stool sample, go wild with the food dyes the night before.

~Jen~ said...

Michelle? lol Omg green poop!

lane123abc said...

I can't imagine having children who could do something like that....lock em up. I'm very amused with your colouring comment, Mich - hahahaha!

lane123abc said...

Oops! Apparently I'm signed in as Lane - must go snoop now and see what he's been up to ;)

~Jen~ said...

aha ahahaha hhhaa