Monday, March 14, 2011


-I am on my lunch break...-I am hungry.-I haven't not begun eating yet.-I did not eat a proper breakfast as the search for cat vomitus took up too much of my time this morning.-Ayla is still being human and awesome and im scared to get too used to it in case she starts being a dinkis again but omfg it makes my life SO FUCKING MUCH EASIER...I cannot articulate the peace!!-Graeme is moving to Campbell River Thursday. I am torn. Torn like an 11 yr old birthing a 25 lb toddler.-I have 29374834753875 projects lined up to keep me busy thus avoiding becoming a victim of my own self.-I need a wireless network card...anyone selling one they aren't using before I go buy one from a bastard store?-I need new jeans. The 3 month thigh rub is up on mine...any day now I shall be sauntering about town in crotchless jeans.-Feeling kind of outta touch from shit...too wrapped up in my own head most likely.-Connie u are awesome...keep up the goodness!-Wants to live rent free without having to fuck some old gross guy.-I am so glad to not be in Japan I cannot even tell you - those poor bastards...the footage is mind-numbing. It makes me REALLY fucked up about living where I live...Like walking around on dynamite.-Daylight Savings can seriously FUCK OFF now.-Wonders when Guy is gunna visit Victoria again so we can cruise for weirdos/hookers while digesting thai food...-Wonders when her Aunty Cathy is does Ayla...!!-I just stretched and made a really weird noise.-I think my legs are going to explode.-I have no idea how I manage to lower my cholesterol every check is really stupidly low for a fatty...woot!-Change is good Donkey!-Is gunna stop biting her nails on one hand (the other one is unbitten already) so she looks like a well adjusted human - almost.-Is doing the 10K Walk with Tracey, Ardene & Lani in a few mths...-I am sad my new Keens that I love are not working for me...I am such a fatty-shoe princess. Guess I will stick to Merrells.-Point form blogging is is like I am making myself a list.

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