Sunday, March 20, 2011

...and then there were 2...+ a cat.

Very weird week here @ the Conklin Abode. With G moving him and his things back to Campbell River to take care of some shit and find his way - I have continued with my initial feeling of being torn...which has morphed into a weird numb-type of coasting. I miss him a lot though not all of his stuff which makes me all the more sad that he was not able to just rent his own place and stay in town...but maybe later he can make his way back here to the city. Time will tell. When you strip away all the things about a situation that don't work for you - you sure realize what does work for you...

I have forgotten what I used to do when I actually had time to myself. I have rearranged the bedroom and made it 1 person friendly again...rearranged the living room a up, organizing...staying busy generally...Ayla hasn't been feeling well so shes been home a lot (spring break) when shes isn't working and has basically moved into the living room - she is in love with Netflix haha She has still been really decent...3 weeks and counting! I wont elaborate as I am scared I will jinx it.

The cat is depressed though I am sure I am humanizing her and pushing my own emotions at her hahaha she certainly misses her best friend Graeme and all his fun...she hasn't been too crazy...she is still getting used to what the new NOW is too.
I avoided a bunch of really good rock shows this weekend at the Capital City Tattoo Convention... :o( Buzzard and Rotterdam...just couldn't bring myself to go and be immersed in a social scene. Instead I swapped tables with Donna...I gave her my old table a few yrs back...the black top one and decided I wanted it and traded her for my small pine one that she preferred anyway so it worked out well. I fucking LOVE having a rectangle table again LOVE LOVE LOVE! I also love that this table was Pam and Jim's and I think is 20 yrs old. :o)

Aunty Cathy is planning a fall visit which is awesome...can't wait for that...will save some vacation days up for sure so I can have time off while she is here for a change and do some cool things.

Today I am going to a movie with Donna...THE LINCOLN looks good..I will be sad if it is just mediocre like UNKNOWN was...thankfully I love Liam Neeson (haha I just typed Niam Leeson hahahaha)
I am currently in the process of raping my closet for all my fat(ter) clothes and shit I wont wear and am going to consign them...I have a grand worth of clothes sitting in a basket already and if I can get 20 buck for it I will be happy haha...I have curbed my shopping habits now and only buy things I am 100% sure of and KNOW that I will wear...FOR REAL! Either way the fatty consignment store will be getting to know me!

I got new old chair at work and I am fucking in love with it...LOVE...I was given permission to order a new chair b/c mine was shyte...up to 400.00 (which hurt my feelings b/c to me a 400.00 chair better vibrate and get me off at that price) - Doris who has a 900.00 chair, the kind with no fabric, its all swanky and awesome comfy decided she hated her chair so I told her I would take her chair and she could order a 400.00 chair....SOLD!!!! I don't care what anyone says - I completely won that contest of creativity... Click on my chair!

Donna's birthday is Thursday...I have set up a dinner at 5th Street for her...with some other friends...should be fun. She is going camping on the weekend so I stole the day of her birthday to celebrate it rather than waiting for the weekend.
Was talking to Phil recently - Ayla's father - he was telling me the California gov't was making him pay for medical for Ayla which is dumb b/c 1) she doesn't reside in the US and 2) she already has it here via me. He has a court date April 4 about it so I drew him up a letter and made copies of all her proof of medical and extended benefits and sent it to him via email and hard copy. He seemed so genuinely surprised I was being helpful. Uhhhhhh wtf is that about? 12 yrs ago he was ordered to pay 200.00/mo - I have never gone back for more $ even though I was clearly within my right to do b/c I know what he earns and 200.00 is fuck all. I have considered sending her to him and paying him 200.00/mo and let me tell you THAT WOULD BE A DEAL FOR ME lol (kidding, I have never considered ever sending Ayla anywhere...she is my heart!) Anyhow...I have never been malicious or underhanded with him and it shocks me that he would assume I wouldn't help him out with that...does he deserve my help? No. But....this little favor is going to come back on him when Ayla is graduated and settled on schooling b/c I will be asking him to help me out with it...if he says no then that is ok...b/c I don't expect anything but he can live with the added karma.

Hank Moody is doing awesome!!!
The squawking gulls woke me up this morning...they are back... :| I am not pleased by this weekend sleep in buzz kill...truth be known sleeping til 8 am is astounding to me and I would have peed the bed if I slept any longer so it isn't the end of the world..just annoying...the squawk...fuck. I think they are here nesting and such til mid/late summer...?? Guy can u confirm...I block it out every year....


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm sorry to hear that Graeme has had to move. It sounded like you guys got along really well.

On the plus side, there really is nothing like a rectangular table.

~Jen~ said...

thanks Barb!

Abu Anka said...

Yes, I can confirm it. You will be pissed off at the gulls until about September.

Ear plugs!

~Jen~ said...