Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So there I was in my dream last night...with my Uncle Robert...on a mission to get my poor dead brother to the crematorium...we had him wrapped in garbage bags really neat and tidy and then roped for easy carrying...for some reason in this dream this was not morbid at all, it was what we needed to do one around us questioned it as we are going from place to place never being able to find where we need to be there is a tsunami warning....we keep on trudging around Robert had one end I had the other...the whole while I am talking to my brother like this is completely normal letting him know we were nearly there...then the WAVE can be seen @ a distance and like retards in movies we go down 3 floors to a parking lot and as we get there the wave is nearly at our heels...Robert took off up some stairs....and I said to my brother "Sorry Brother!" and started running up this hill....all the while of course I am moving in slow fucking motion....cannot run to save myself - and I am thinking how glad I am that I wrapped my brother in plastic so the water wont bother his skin...LIKE WTF...?

I have got to stop listening to CBC b/c this tsunami/earthquake/radiation shit is fucking with my mind.....

Needless to say i woke up at 4 am rather horrified that I would ever be so flippant with my brother....fml.

PS Thanks Uncle Robert for all your help hahahaha


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow that is a messed up dream. I really really hope you didn't listen to The Current on CBC this morning, talking about North American earthquakes.

~Jen~ said...

glad I missed that!