Sunday, March 27, 2011


Stephen Harper...please STFU. Gawd he is the epitome of a drama queen asshole.
Oh yay another federal election...if only it meant change. :|

On this fine Sunday I have plans with Arf and go chase bunnies or something...then laundry of some sort...then dinner for when Ayla is home from work later tonight...I got this cool glass bottle for dressing that my boss bought me cuz she is so nice...and on it there are about 7 homemade dressing this morning I made one...plain yogurt, OJ, minced ginger, garlic, pepper, a bit of oil and smells and tastes good...after sitting all day I think it'll be divine on the dinner salad.

I have decided I NEED a pot rack...after seeing one at Alex's on Friday I decided a small little one would change my gawd damn life...I have 2 hooks above my kitchen sink that would be PERFECT to hang a simple small one...I looked around and thought this one would be the most practical....
Then I thought....WHY CAN'T I MAKE THAT!?
Would it work if I just got a nice solid piece of wood, 2 nice hooks on top and then  4-5 on the bottom...?? Then nice chain to hang it at the right height from the already existing hooks?? RIGHT? Anyone with some building savvy see anything wrong with this design? Keep in mind I have hideously UGLY cupboards in this apt so even at its ugliest potential this thing will not look out of place (haha) please. It looks like this one has slidey hooks...I don't need that - just screwed into the wood would be ok...I think.

Hanging out at Alex's on her birthday Friday was nice...her son Escher is a real cutie...and Alex and Kelsey had good snacks out and good ppl over when I arrived...later when the good ppl left and then the sketchers came I vacated. ZERO desire to hang out with losers...turns out A&K were not in love with their final set of visitors either...ugh.

Thursday was Donna's birthday - we met up with a few peeps at the 5th St Bar & Grill...had a good dinner...and I brought Ooh La La cupcakes for dessert...Caramel Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes...fml they were good. Highlight of the night was Erin finding raw eggs in Donna's bag in the back seat as she crawled in and tossing one on the street to prevent Donna from eating it the next day *ewwwww* and then the other egg being broken in the bag and Erin being goo covered...Donna laughed SO hard...that alone was funny.

Wedding May 7 in Parksville...looks like I will go and watch Lori and Rich tie the knot....I think Ayla will come with me which will be fun b/c it is sure to be a great party. We will stay at Guy and Donna's and do it on the cheap!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think a pot rack is a brilliant idea and I see absolutely nothing wrong with your design idea. Mind you, I am someone who repairs everything with duct tape.

kelly said...

your rack will work fine. Before you put the bottom hooks in figure out what spacing you might need for them to hang right. Pots needing more space than pans because they are deeper. Looks like the one in the picture allows you to slide the hooks along the length of the wood

~Jen~ said...

thank u!! ill let u know what i end up doing!