Monday, April 18, 2011

Early bird gets what worms?

Man - I got up to early every day this weekend....6am-ish I was rolling outta annoying b/c I feel like I should at least sleep til 7 so its different that a week day. Mind u - I get all my best work done in the morning...

Saturday was pretty awesome..I wandered downtown on foot with my some funny shots...saw HANNA ( ) which was quite to see Eric Bana in his underwear so how bad could a movie really be? Honestly? Then wandered back home on foot...hit a buncha thrift stores on the way to and from and by the time I got home I had completely over done it on the foot and it was gibbled but it was a fantastic day - the sun was shining and I was sucking up the vitamin D like crazy which is rather unlike me but the cool wind made it sooo perfect.

I found something in a thrift store I wants SO effing was 35.00 and I really really considered just getting it and then not eating meat for 3 days or something but....holy shit it was hard NOT to get it...I may even go look and see if it is there if $ falls in my lap - I suspect it may go though as its in really good shape....instead I came home with a snoopy toast plate which pleased me but not like that picture would have....::POUT::

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