Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today is orthotic fitting day...least I know I don't have to remove any clothing for this appt...always a good thing....I should just officially call myself a NEVER NUDE like Tobias on Arrested Development
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC7Q715LqPA ) - Though I am a nudist at home alone...lol Also had no problem whipping a boob out to feed Ayla for years either...so...wtf. I am a complex genius aren't I? :\

GROSSNESS SONG OF THE DAY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YgkIfZI234
I cannot stand the way this man moves...it makes me want to throw up on myself and then eat it...his whole persona disgusts me...I am not sure why after 25+ yrs I cannot shake the grossness of this...it haunts me...creeping into my consciousness every so often - just often enough to make me contemplate gouging my fucking eyes out. With that said I hope u all look at the link and celebrate the grossness.

I admit it...I am a microwave fan. I didn't realize I was until I didn't have one...I took you for granted microwave lover...it is true...you don't know what you've got til it's gone...(thank you CINDERELLA for such words of wisdom in the 90's)...the other day I put all my leftovers on my plate all pretty and was ready to heat it up and then realized there was no microwave and I had a complete hissy! I had to then scrape my beautifully neatly placed dinner into a friggin frying pan to heat it thus causing myself MORE dishes....I admit it that I also swore very loudly and may have even stamped my foot. <--though I did not break my foot like some people do - not naming anyone though - GUY MONTY.
I looks like this is the week we get my boss's microwave and not a moment too soon either...the realization that I am so dependent on this appliance bothers the shit out of me b/c honestly I had NO idea how reliant I was. Yes - I could go on living my life quite happily without one, I would become accustomed to the extra dishes and bother and time needed to not have one....but I don't WANT TO...there I said it...I want it to make my life slightly easier...and I am not gunna be ashamed about it...Hmmmf.

Had a good night over at Adrienne's last night - dinner and a few games of cribbage...it is nice to talk with someone you have known for so long that you know all the people they are talking about and vice versa...its comfortable...

I am SUPER HAPPY for a certain someone who has made a certain leap into the future by making a huge decision that was not easy to make....so so so soooooo happy for her...good things are coming your way my brave, lovely little ginger!!! :o)

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