Friday, April 15, 2011

hot diggity dog

As it turns while brief was somewhat helpful...she thinks I have torn a bit of the tendon away from the heel bone (nice hey! makes me cringe!) which is why there is a bump on the back of my heel thats still tender and being hideous at times...there isnt much to be done though aside from stretching exercises...icing it...getting some new orthotics and just dealing with it as it is. I have an orthotic appt next week...I may even get some granny compression socks to avoid future issues with circulation...ask me how excited I am to wear tight fucking socks when I am already bulky and too hot as it is usually?

I am cranky today. last night I was blah and cold and crawled into bed at 745 pm to wait for Big Bang Theory which was a gawd damn rerun ffs!!!! Unfortunately by 815 I was asleep with my glasses on and still dressed and didnt wake up until midnight - sweating my bag off and completely kerfluffled. I got up for a while b/c I could not sleep...and it took me quite some time to get back to sleep so this morning I feel....nasty...and wolverine-ish. I am having a cheese burger 4 lunch's not all bad.

Squidlet the Awesome Boy belonging to Maggie turned 2 this week...the pictures were adorable of him and his new bike...sad to have missed that...and Madelyn's 1st horse riding lesson as well...that kid is CRAZY for horses so it was a monumental occasion!

I got a new fish yesterday (Sorry Guy!)... ~JULIEN~ is was hard to choose I have to say...they have a zillion of them...he was the prettiest one that caught my eye and dazzled me with his tail fluttering...
I named him Julien after the hot french guy character in BROKEN ENGLISH who I am in love with (Melvil Poupaud)...I chose to not name him Melvil b/c that's just a horrible fucking name....Please don't die Julien....I am too damn fragile to deal with a dead fish again...::SOB::

It is Friday....YAY...I have no plans...I am walking to the movie on Sat to see HANNAH - Eric Bana is in that and it looks interesting...solo excursion...then I WILL check for my XP disk in the last possible place it can be....the other computer disk drive which is up in the closet...laundry...stretching...walking...Ayla is ignoring me again...not sure why...ugh don't care at the moment either...not in the mood for drama anyway.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hannah does look interesting. I hope there is lots of good ass kicking in it.