Friday, April 08, 2011

I am woman - Heel me roar!

OOoOoooOoo man was my heel messed up yesterday. I have had a really sore heel for many months...I have self diagnosed it as Achilles Tendonitis...and yesterday it was SO sore...I couldn't even walk to work part way I had to bus the entire trip...then limp like a dick all day...I got home and immediately started to ice it after sending my Dr an email asking her if I should see a Dr down here...she responded with ICE ICE ICE REST REST REST GOOD SHOES WITH HEEL SUPPORT. So I am favoring the crap out of it...the ice helped a lot and the Advil for swelling as well...b/c I am not dealing with being a gawd damn physical gimp along with being a fatty...forget it. Today it is fragile but the swelling is down so I can walk almost regularly...just gotta be careful.

Aside from my gibbleness...I am just coasting along...wondering what to do with boss offered me her microwave...they have just moved and just got a fancy one that is a built in and she needs her hubby to install it then I get her other one...stainless steel ooo la la...very cool deal for Jen that's for sure...and it all can't happen soon enough b/c Ayla and I both quite hate not having one. Yes we could live without one and get used to it I am sure but I don't want to so there.

No Slayer/Rob Zombie concert for me...opted out..never was a Slayer fan oddly enough...and I am not paying the ticket price to see RZ so...I will enjoy my Riverdance show June 1 and get on with my life. Hmmmf.

This weekend is low key...I wanna start I am gunna get on that...I have a movie date with Lisa on Sat. afternoon to see YOUR HIGHNESS and then a Sunday afternoon date with Donna to see the new ARTHUR movie...I have 2 freebie passes so I am good to go!

I brought egg salad for lunch....and a green salad...How boring...though I am in love with egg salad so it isn't SO bad at all. This may be the most boring post of all time...should I add in I am half way through my period? Oh and I have good hair I can tolerate right now. And I have an oddly positioned
zit on my face that popped up yesterday which I blame completely on my heel pain.

Oh the was ok...I think I should have gone to a more traditional ballet for my 1st ballet experience though....there was a lot more contemporary/modern dancing going on in WONDERLAND than ballet it seemed...and while elements of it were interesting it did not rock my world.

Aside from yesterday work has been so slow I can hardly bare it...I was on a course Wed. which was okay I guess (financial management), went and ate lunch with Adrienne over at the Money Mart head office (nice hoytee lunch room)...I'd kill for a slurpee right now.

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