Monday, April 11, 2011

Snipple Snapple

Weekend was not too bad considering I was low key and fairly house bound.
My leg/foot issue is clearly not going away quickly...while it is not like it was Thursday I can still feel that it is eversofragile and would only take a day of regular walking to probably be right back to Thursday. I am going to carry on being super mellow on it and not do any walking for the rest of the week and see if it improves...keep icing it and all that jazz. If its still effed after next weekend I will have to consider going to physio once and let them know this is my ONLY appt and to show me what I need to do with it on my own. I am fairly certain my benefits suck ass where physio and that stuff goes - you hardly get anything back from it...which seems silly looking at it BIG PICTURE but what do I know.

Sat. I bussed downtown to see Your Highness with Lisa and her niece...was was okay...certainly funny but no Pineapple Express. Sat. night Guy and Donna came down so we went out for Japanese food...then grabbed a few things for dessert and just hung out at my place all night til we all were too old and tired to stay up...haha Guy's super duper telescope satisfied my pepper needs that's for cool! Could see all the way from my place on Cook St to Douglas Street into ppls apartments hahaha
Sunday I hung with Donna once Guy & Donna left for home and we did lunch and a movie (Arthur - haha so funny!)...walked more than I should have but it was nice to get out...I am worried b/c I have the 10K Times Colonist Walk on May 1st....not sure how that is gunna pan out...all this non-walking is really bad 4 me. Oddly when u are told to NOT WALK all u wanna do is go for a gawd damn walk... :\

Finally decapitated my ironing board...effing thing was really beginning to piss me off with its dysfunction so I beat the snot out of it until the legs came I have the top part if I need to put it on the table but that seems redundant as I could iron on the table with a towel but...?? I will likely get sick of looking at it and recycle it later.

Alex and Kelsey were invited to go on this free trip to Mnt Washington with a couple they know...they were told it was all condo, free food, free relaxation....BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wrong. Cost them over 100.00 in gas...and when they got there...the other couple pretty much pretended they weren't there...made Alex cook...and ditched them to go tubing leaving them in the condo...doing shit they never got to do anything...Alex did make sure they were taken out for dinner as promised but that was done with a lot of whining and sniveling...they aren't even sure WHY they were asked to join the other couple...? Very confusing...Alex would have been better off staying home and hanging with her kid and spending 40 bucks on pizza...which leads me to my point...WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FUCKED UP!?!?! Who does that? Who invited someone on a FREE TRIP making it clear its free b/c it was something the offerer WON (no $ out of anyone's pocket except A&K at the end of the day) and it was going to be FREEFREEFREE AND get shit on being expected to cook/clean up the cooking mess and ditched for tubing...?? Wtf. I hate ppl...making friends with neurotic and weirdly fucking up fellow adults is far too much work so treat your current friends well people b/c finding new friends that don't suck ass is a tough thing.

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