Wednesday, April 27, 2011

if you have to throw yourself a pity party you probably aren't worthy of one

Guy is in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan! I used to live there...a few times real memory of the city aside from the 2 schools I went to and our house on Duffield. I would love to tour all my old towns to see my old houses...esp Wainwright AB...I have been trying to get a current picture of our old house there (even have the address!) but Google failed me so...unless someone I know is passing through and willing to do a minor detour it is not likely to happen.

The course I was in today was pretty longggggggg but...its over now, I have my Financial Management Certification and that's that! STICK A FORK IN ME IM DONE! I am done with training for a while. Looking fwd to work tomorrow...will have so much work waiting for me that i think Thursday and Friday I will be awesome busy so it'll go fast!


Today in that course I sat across from a pregnant lady who I couldn't stop frickin staring at...oh u know the ones who GLOW and RADIATE warmth and wonder and astonishing beauty...then I think back to being preggy and recall the sciatica nerve, massive hideous back acne, greasy hair, moodiness, general ugliness...ha ha ha That is not even self deprecation...that is the plain truth of it all! Who am I kidding I don't think I have glowed or radiated anything other than loathing in my life. HA!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You glow with the fire of Jenness and Conkyness and that is the very best glow of all.

Adele said...

I never understood that pregnant "glow" shit either...I thought it was that flushed look one gets from morning sickness...