Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Day...

Today is my 5th and final day off...I plan on watching my retarded soap opera and eventually making my way down to Tracey's for dinner to watch Adrienne lose her shit whilst watching the hockey game. I hate hockey but kind of get perverse pleasure watching other ppl shit the bed while watching hockey.
At Lisa's for Easter dinner it was quite enjoy able to watch her dad and the boys completely become UNGLUED in overtime...they were rooting for Chicago though...wtf is that?
That was a GOOOOOD dinner by the way - the ham was fantastic (thanks for all the leftovers!) and the trimmings were great...I have never had potato salad with dill pickles in it and it was GOOD!! Way to go Lisa's dad! Plus I loved all the horrendous potty mouth...it was a delight! It reminded me of family dinners before there were little kids all over the place haha

I have accomplished damn near everything I wanted to on these days off...a few more tasks to do today then it will be considered a smashing successful 5 days of productivity! I have a shitload of tops to send to a consignment store...just have to find one and then get them there...OR I will just donate it all to WIN (Women in Need) as I am sure plus size clothes are not easy to come by.

Sp sad my baby jesus pic was gone from st vincent de pauls :o( BOOOO!!!! Should not have hesitated...shoulda just GOT IT and dealt with it later...not like it was gunna dip into rent $ ffs! Grrrrr

Guy is off to Manitoba to hunt with his dad...with all that flooding that's sure to be a shit show. Ugh...I hope he has a decent enough time hanging with his dad even if the rest is kinda...lame.
Keep in mind he legally owns a gun now.

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