Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok thank gawd the Canucks made it to the finals....haha j/k I don't care....though if SOMEONE has gotta get there it may as well be my hoods it makes all my hockey puck friends happy so this is good. We watched the last 5 mins of dbl penetration overtime last night...I am not even a hockey fan and that shit stresses me out! The Canucks scored and as per usual I didn't even see it...I cannot follow the puck in hockey which is why I am not all that interested in ever watching it.

Anyway...Donna got her car last night - after much hubbaballoo......she looks pretty slick in it I must admit...I will say the car biz is slimy and slippery and I am happy I will never have any part in it personally...Donna was in the know about this deal she got but I found - as a complete car purchasing virgin - they misrepresent so many things whilst trying to secure a deal that they are ranked up there with politicians now for me...the incentive cash for her turned out to be part of the loan....and nowhere in the 3+ hrs of enduring their little song and dance of pathetic greed and posturing was there a mention of THAT...upon redoing the math the deal she was wasn't near as awesome but she needed a car so wtf...she did it. I officially hate smarmy car ppl now. Is buying a house the same in that they are so desperate? I know the mortgage biz is a racket all of its own but the car sales desperation is the worst.

Meet Sammy the Headless Squirrel...he is still laying outside my work....headless...did I mention headless? Sammy was not on a Greyhound heading to Manitoba or anything....he was likely either being a squirrel and an owl go to his delicious brain or a car ran over his melon. I like Guy's theory of the owl, being that brains are so yummy apparently. Little Sammy stinks a lot now....I wouldn't mind if he was cleaned up now...
Someone I know recently came upon a dead beaver...and wanted the tail so they cut it off with an axe....gotta admit I was a little grossed out...and I am not all that easy to gross out...poor dead beaver...mutilated...sigh.
Don't worry Sammy...I am not gunna whack yer furry tail off to make a key chain or anything.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

There was a professor at U of M (she's likely still there), who used to scoop up and eat road kill. Perhaps you should tell her about Sammy.

~Jen~ said...

oh grody...that means she had to gut and skin them EWWWWWWWWWWW