Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lobotomy Please

On Saturday I showed up at Ayla’s final dance recital at the Royal Theatre...I didn’t pick up my ticket so I was planning to get it from the Box Office...when I arrived the Box Office was closed...but an usher informed me he had the tickets to give out so there was no problem...UNTIL HE INFORMED ME I DIDN'T HAVE ONE. I managed to not shit the bed despite the fact I was seething b/c these tickets are now up to 26.00 which I will gladly pay to see her for 5 mins if that’s what it takes...but for 26.00 I expect my ticket to not be friggin lost. He hands me an ‘extra’ ticket...says I can have that one b/c mine nowhere to be found. Fine – I take it...I lost a 3rd row seat for a 20th row seat but in the Royal it doesn’t matter too much thankfully. I am grateful this kid gave me the ticket b/c really if he didn’t have a ticket...wtf!! I would have been shitting the bed! I made sure I told him he was a super star for being so considerate. So I watch my lovely girl up there...get all misty and emotional seeing her look so together and grown up...it is her last year of dance so it was kind of her last hurrah...and she did well...spent a lot of time up front and didn’t miss a beat.

Of course I was curious as to wtf happened with the ticket so this morning I got around to looking at my email receipt and OMFG I AM SUCH A BUMBLING OLD NINNY...I accidentally bought a 3rd row ticket to a different dance schools year end show at the McPherson Theatre....Dance Unlimited rather than the Boston Dance Collective. WTF?! Same date and time but wrong school and theatre. I am horrified at my own complete retardation. This is a fair epic fuck up for me. Kinda up there with Lisa and I showing up for mammograms at the WRONG ADDRESS THAT I WROTE DOWN...My gray matter is breaking down man. Another lovely story for Ayla to tell her friends.

Anyway...enough if my impending Alzheimer’s and dementia...the pictures from that night was decent...though the price is not....15.00 for a 5x7...SERIOUSLY? Fuckers. Yeah I ordered 2....don't judge me. (SEE! Dementia for real!)


Cyndy said...

You kind of have to buy the pictures. We are starting recital month hell now too. First one is this weekend, then 2 more later in the month. Too many freakin' costumes.

Maggie said...

hahaha. you're awesome.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We are sisters in Alzheimersness, you have no idea!

~Jen~ said...

Cyndy - yeah even though its OPTIONAL - is it REALLY? lol

Maggie - yeah I know haha

Barb - sigh....see ya in the nursing home!

Anonymous said...

seriously ? you did that?