Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Brain Fuggery

Migraine all day yesterday...so rude....head is all scrambled today...

AYLA DO NOT SHUT YOUR BEDROOM DOOR WITH THE CAT IN YOUR ROOM EVER AGAIN...I will get up out of bed and come into your room and bludgeon you both to death...you for locking the cat in your room and not letting it out after HOURS AND HOURS of it scritching at the fucking door, keeping me awake most of the night...and then the cat for simply being an annoying cat.

Can you tell me with no sleep = utter psychosis...oh it does. I am so dead today I can hardly speak. My brains on the verge of another migraine...just sitting there feeling not full blown but on the cusp of destruction.
I would love to go home nd just lay in my bed in the dark and go comatose.

I had to upgrade (= get smaller size) my granny socks this weekend...ohh yeah what a deal...smaller size was only 109.00 from 112.00 - I feel so lucky. Thank christ for benefits or I would be sadly fucked not getting 80% back.
These MFers are tight...like they give my knee a muffin top...no shit.
Its too bad they work so damn good though b/c once its hot..................I dunno wtf I am gunna do.

I may finish my work and leave early today...thats how good I am feeling :|


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am intrigued by the concept of knee muffin tops. Hopefully there will be no bludgeoning necessary tonight.

Anonymous said...

this may be a dumb question but.....

why did you listen to the cat for "hours and hours"? Could have you tromped down the hall and opened the door?

~Jen~ said...

BARB - its gross!
KELLY - u know when yer comfy and half asleep u dont think so good...?????

Anonymous said...

i suppose