Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dementia Onset

On to a weird issue I am having (did I mention I was overdue to blather?)...I am 40 yrs old and have NEVER sat through a hockey game in my life, always hated hockey, didn't understand the game or the draw to it....UNTIL LAST much buzz about the Canucks and the potential Stanley Cup win...I dunno why...but I watched Game know the annihilation in Boston...Canucks Cream Pie...8-1 loss from the depths of Hades...anyway...that was the 1st game I have ever watched....and I was officially hooked. 40 yrs old. WTF is that? It's like dementia has set in and I am losing my faculties. So I watched game 4 at Tracey and Adrienne's and they explained some stuff to the game was a little easier to follow...another loss...wah! Last night game 5...I am doing stuff after work, constantly checking the time...conscious of missing the puck drop...then Adrienne texts me they played Matthew Good's WEAPON song at the start of the game....FUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SERIOUSLY?!!

So I get home and its still 0-0...and I plant myself until 8 pm...yelling YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Yelling FUCK! Yelling in general at the TV like I am some other person...It is so surreal to me. So the Canucks win last night and I realize the next game - AND POTENTIAL CUP WINNING GAME FOR THEM - is Monday...and I promptly cancel my plans for Monday (dinner and drinks with old work peeps after work). Never in 1038947583758375 yrs would I have ever thought I would ditch people to run home and watch a hockey game. JHC. I doubt I will be much of a non-playoff watcher...but man am I ever enjoying the Canucks buzz...SIDE NOTE: as it turns out I have a massive crush on Tim Thomas the Bruins goalie and would like to make out with him. The End.

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ha ha...(imagine that sounding like that bully guy on the Simpsons)