Friday, June 03, 2011


Nov 11-15 2010 305 by jennzebel
Nov 11-15 2010 305, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Despite a 11 year age difference and never living together as a family (that she can remember) Kim and I have managed to maintain a connection into adulthood that I am quite grateful for. When she was a baby I was irrationally fond of both her and my brother and I can honestly say - looking back - that being separated from them growing up was one of the most damaging and painful moments in my life. I always made a special point to keep in touch and nurture my sibling relationships...and I miss Kim pretty much all the time and it is weird b/c I am so used to rarely seeing her I have made a nice little spot in my mind and heart for her regardless if I see her or not...I don't think a day ever goes by where I do not think of her and our brother...since as far back as forever. Happy 30th Kim! xo

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