Friday, June 03, 2011

Thank you Miss B!

Way to start off my weekend! CLICK HERE!
Thank you Brigette for having some balls...sure maybe she wanted the summer off and decided to go out with a bang...GOOD! Good to see young people willing to take some personal risks to speak their minds...esp b/c she is absolutely right...a Harper Gov't agenda offends her and she responded. I am getting some ideas of my own from this only mine would likely involve swearing...I would not be nearly as gracious as she was.

Went out with Lisa & her family for dinner...her dad totally cracks me up...he is an 'ass man' I learned tonight...not too into the boobage....oh! and he hates electric razors...and used the term 'jungle bunny' about 38 times. A good time was had by all! Lisa's son Jordan is moving to the city this weekend... :o( He is also good for comedy relief...that dry, sarcastic humor is a gift...and seemingly genetic.

I have no real plans this weekend except to keep reading the David Suzuki autobiography I bummed off Tracey, listen to the new Matt Good CD that finally came in the mail (autographed and fucking glorious!!), possibly rearrange the living room and lament over The Black Donnellys. Do you know about this series? I stumbled upon it via Netflix...Started watching it...instantly had a boner for up on it...1 season only...13 only made it to 6 episodes on NBC and they canned it and posted the rest online...and I don't understand it b/c it is a decent show!! Its based on the New York/Hell's Kitchen Irish vs Italian present day mob shit...the Donnellys are 4 brothers who get in all sortsa shit and their family is rooted deep in the neighborhood...have all sorts of personality...the storyline is intricate and as the show progresses the momentum builds towards a lot of intense shit.....but the network never renewed it so as u can imagine...the season finale is fucking gripping and then...yeah that's it forever...RUDE!!!! I WANNA SEE TOMMY DONNELLY AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Anyway I am a dick and ordered the dvd b/c I must own it...and will rewatch as I see fit. Needless to say I am still suffering from withdrawals...which makes me twitch and wanna go make out with an Irish accented hood from New York. I won't though...I am rather repulsed by men currently. I am sure it will pass though.

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY KIM! My little sister is an official grown up weird.

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