Thursday, June 16, 2011

So...yeah. can one say? This is not about hockey in the slightest...real fans sucked it up and admitted Boston outplayed Vancouver and carried on...the end.
These assholes downtown would have reacted much the same had Vancouver won, I am fairly confident of that.

All these pukes in jerseys and tight Ed Hardy shirts...making complete fools of themselves and BC in general are nothing but little degenerates. Am I the only one horrified by the amount of ppl standing around taking pictures and video?
I mean if I was DT when shit went sideways and as horrified as I know I would be by what was a-brew I would be high tailing the hell out of there...sure some of that footage will ensure ppl are held accountable for their behavior but I am pretty sure that's NOT why all those ppl were doing it...I cant help but feel like their presence made things worse by providing audience for the degenerates.

The sad part is a majority of the ppl there were not being assholes but it appears differently. The whole world is looking at this shit and laughing...people in oppressed countries must shake their heads at such behaviour over a game loss (this is how the media spins it)...? Seriously...ughhh!

Vancouver just became the official shithole of riot for the Canuck's riot when Guns and Roses cancels a show don't riot for your province being run by power hungry monkeys, your resources being raped or your #1 ranking in ghetto kids in Canada....Well played fucktards...well played.


The AfterCraft said...

I think the policed were idiots not to be standing there READY with horses and tear gas.. I mean Do we recall the Guns and Roses Concert? I dunno they are all like oh "94 do you remember the riot.. but pffft.. they let this one slip. Mix of not being ready and a crowd full of "fucktards" GOOD lord if I saw my kid on TV doing that.. They wouldn't want to come home.

~Jen~ said...

yeah...its really sad isnt it? I all honestly I wish they would just ban these sort of events now b/c the cost let alone the reputation it garners cannot be worth it...the olympics went ok bc they were nazi mthrfckrs and perhaps that should be the standard in vancouver now...sad.