Thursday, July 14, 2011

4 Months & 16 Days

...until Matthew Good...he he he - Soooo stoked for that...

Google+ is interesting...weird trying to navigate something new but some interesting differences...I do not really wish to add another thing on top of FB, Flickr, Blogger, YouTube, etc...Life is so hard with so many choices....something will have to go if Google+ becomes my preference.

Looking fwd to 3 days off this weekend...haven't felt well the last few days, got a bit worried I was getting sick...with everything in place 4 this surgery I will be UBER pissed if it gets bumped or fucked up in any way. I am down 10 lbs which is nice...the Bike to Nowhere and I are becoming good frigging glad it doesn't bother my heel at all...I have been walking a little more and am feeling like my heel is finally MAYBE healing a bit...I still have to ice it at times but...I think it might be on the mend...if I can dump some more weight too this will help.

Aunty Fern sent me the concert schedule at this weekend wingding going on in Salmon Arm...omg HARLEQUIN...PRISM...NAZARETH are playing...I have always wanted to see Nazareth...if they come here again I AM GOING even if its in Langford. haha

OK I have to blog an apology {SORRY!} to my friend Lisa...she did NOT plant that snail in my lettuce. It was a naturally occurring snail...seriously it was so PERFECT I truly thought it was a genius move on her part...sorry Lisa...U just lost genius sneaky'll have to try harder now.

Ayla just aced Math with a 92 on her exam...summer school is OVER for her and she kicked its ass. Her learners came in today WOOHOO! Back in learning to drive business! Going to call tomorrow and get the schedule for the classes... (exciting!)

My eye just twitched.
I am revamping blog is a little too loud even for this big mouth.
Me & this brain tumor are going to bed...

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Maggie said...

your bike to nowhere ... haha. glad it's working out.