Saturday, July 09, 2011


I wanted new blog I got some...I feel like looking at brights colors for a while.

I slept until 940 this morning....rather unheard of.
Had a great late night chat with Ayla...her being broke and home more pleases is the only time we really get together b/c she is rather busy...things have certainly turned that shitty corner...I can see it without a doubt now. She is being more mindful and thinking about things...happily I can say I don't think she inherited my neurosis...this is good news...she is a carefree spirit and I am glad. It is no fun in my head and I am grateful she dodged that bullet.

I am going to putter at home a bit then head to Tracey's to hang out with her for a while and do dinner...I have other things to do as well so it'll feel like a decent day once I get home with groceries and settle in for the night...I am back in that good place I was in the fall of 2009 only the catalyst this time is ME and not some big cocked hottie (I shan't elaborate) that was not long for my realm. Been doing some healthy reflecting about the last yr and a half and have come to the conclusion despite the initial feeling like it was a big fat fucking waste of time I learned enough from it that it was worth the experience even if it panned out to be but a flash in the pan.

I have to rant for a moment...I was on the bus yesterday after work and while I was really really wasted tired and just so ready for it to be the weekend my reaction to this man on the bus was completely unrelated to that. Picture this...a man in his mid to late 40s...fine looking man really but appearing to be in some midlife crisis mode...wearing hipster kid jeans rolled up with the big cuff...converse runners...the fashionable tattoo sleeves...kinda all trendy and shit like he was trying to be 20...but I figured wtf...whatever...I certainly shouldn't be judged by how I dress b/c my lack of fashion sense does me no justice (haha)...that was until I watched him reacting to women on the bus. I love beautiful ppl and I look and even stare sometimes but I am 100% sure I do not have a predatory look of lust and creep on my face when I do it...this guy was absolutely disturbing and pathetic. As a keen observer of people on a daily basis I see men look at good looking women all the time and it usually doesn't make all the hairs on my neck stand up. It was gross. It was gross to the point I think I had my snarl face on and wanted to tell girls to move out of his easy line of view...with a daughter out and about town this sort of shit makes me ill. I recall when she used to wash windows at Money Mart when she was 12 men would leer at her. 12. Yes 12. I even yelled at someone once who was commenting on her once that she WAS FUCKING 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh humans are deplorable.

Rant over.

Alex is hanging with her sprog today. Lisa's sprog is in town and it is her other sprogs birthday. Ayla is off to SKA FEST tonight with Sean which is fun fun fun...she just got confirmation that she is a volunteer 4 RIFFLANDIA which is awesome b/c if she volunteers 15 hrs she gets a 250.00 (appox) wrist band for the whole weekend which is KICK ASS! I may get to weasel in with Alex and Kelsey as they are sponsors/vendors and may have an extra wristband....we shall there is still one HUGE announcement to the line up coming and if it is who I think it is it is gunna be FUCKING EPIC.

The Pride Parade is tomorrow...and then the festivities at the park...should be a funny adventure...must charge camera batteries.

Enjoy the day folks.

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