Monday, July 11, 2011

Coleman = Stealth Snail Planter

I was at Lisa's tonight...she likes it when I come and raid her garden. I am a bit of a girl total girly ass face about bugs and slimy stuff but I really appreciate having chemical free lettuce, berries and raspberries for her boys were over and they are just funny to listen to...its bachelor banter taken to its highest form...anyhow...while I was picking berries Lisa offered to buck up a lettuce for me and put it in a I was thinking how nice that was of her when I know NOW that she stealthily tippy toed over to her pile of rotting garden boxes and plucked off a snail we were talking about earlier and stuffed it in my bag o' lettuce. Imagine my surprise while on the phone with Alex when I reach in to the lettuce bag and near shit my pants b/c there is a gross slimy thing MUNCHING on my salad! Rude. Anyhow...we ended up being pals once the startle wore off...then I tossed him off the balcony.

My pre-op physical this morning was odd. it took all of 5 mins. She asked me 10-12 Q's, took my BP and listened to my heart for 10 seconds and sent me on my way. No nudity. Nothing. Is this typical? I asked her why that was it and she said she could do a simple one or a complex one and she did a simple one. Oh why thank you for doing the bare are awesome... :\
At this point I don't care...I can't help but think something is going to go sideways and fuck it all up just b/c I have the time booked and everything worked out. The hosp. called me today while I was at work so hopefully its just routine. Ugh.

My favorite song today! CAPABLE by KO
I don't get the drug references so I have a message into my ex druggy pal to hook me up with some translation hahahaha

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