Saturday, July 23, 2011

chains...oh oh oh....

Yes waking up at 530 am on a Saturday is pretty lame but...what do you do - shortly after that time the gulls get squawking anyway so it's a lost cause unless you are in a serious coma.

Today is raspberry picking day at Papa Coleman's place. After seeing the price of a flat of raspberries at the grocery store yesterday for 13.00 bucks I sure love being able to raid his and Lisa's gardens! And no POISON on them! Just some deer spit...

Gotta say I am proud of Lisa right now...she finally gave her niece the boot. Her 17 yr old niece has been living with her for almost 6 mths and both her and her mom (Lisa's dumb sister) have taken gross advantage of Lisa in a multitude of ways...which has been quite hurtful I would imagine (Lisa DOES have feelings after all...asshole ppl!) on top of being really effing rude in general. Anyway it all finally become too much for her and she put her foot down...CHEERING COULD BE HEARD FROM ALL OVER THE CITY AND EVEN FROM JORDAN'S HOUSE ON THE MAINLAND! haha But you know how that family shit is...gets ugly in a hurry...and niece and sister promptly turned into even bigger assholes but so be it...Lisa is finally free. :o) CONGRATS LISA! (From now on please consult with me before letting anyone move in b/c gawd knows I am a gawd damn expert in the field  ::insert sarcasm here::)

Alex has her boy-child today for the entire month (WOOHOO) and her little family is off to Haida Gwaii next week for a 2 week holiday and adventure.Looking fwd to the stories that come out of that excursion. Her accounts of island life up there have been quite interesting I must say...I honestly knew very little about the place aside from what I have been reading in the David Suzuki book I am reading right now...interesting place but honestly...the rigamarole to get there will likely prevent me from ever visiting...what a gawd damn ordeal and ridiculous expense.

I think the crows are having a gang fight with the gulls outside right now...or a gull just ate a crow baby or something b/c it sounds like Bird WW3 out there...GO CROWS GO!
 (Waiting fr Guy to tell me gulls don't eat baby crows but...I dunno b/c I thought gulls eat damn near anything...)

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