Sunday, July 24, 2011


for someone not nervous it is interesting I only have 2 intact fingernails...I am bagged ass tired today b/c I had surprise company old editor/PR high school friend Dean came down for a visit. Had a great day...spent the evening at Cloverpoint on the beach with a few drinks, watching the sun slowly make it's was behind the distant mound of earth...then we went and ate some Jen-Made thai food...then hit 5th Street Bar & Grill for a few drinks before coming back here some great conversation, finally crashing at 230 am. Woke up feeling rather hungover this morning despite not even getting a buzz last night but that's 40 for ya. Really was a fab visit and I am really hoping he moves to Nanaimo (from Kelowna) for a potential new job so we can d that more often. Miss having a really positive connection with someone...refreshing.

I have made myself a big pot of soup to eat next week post-gallbladder eradication. I have washed all the fruit and just need to clean the kitchen and do some laundry and then pack a bag 4 tomorrow morning. Donna will pick me up at 930 am...I check in at the hosp. at 1030 am and get punctured at 1 pm I should be in recovery and at 230 should be able to go home via the Donna Ambulatory Cab Service. Tracey is gunna come babysit me til Ayla gets home at 530 pm...I really don't know what to expect AT ALL so in my head on Tuesday I will be awesome but I think that's optimistic of me hahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Pre-Surgery Concerns:

How will I get my pants on after the surgery? I do not like the idea of needing HELP to get my pants on. hahaha I am bringing the biggest baggiest capri pants on the planet for this occasion and slip on shoes.

What if they are stingy on the good ass kicker drugs?

What if they will not let me have my gallstones...Fuck - this is disappoint me. I have changed my maraca plan to something else now...

Best Ayla quote of all time after telling her I needed her home Monday to watch me for the night:

Me - Damn straight you are not for gawds sake!

We are awesome.

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