Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night's Alright for Didley Squat

What a weird week...I have recovered from my meltdown last night you'll be glad to hear and am on track.
Eating little bits all day is the key...little fruity non fatty non rich bits of snackage.
I went for a short walk today with Connie & her girls to the the time I got home I was effing dead but it was good to get things moving around.
Tonight Lisa's taking me for a car ride to Dallas Rd so I will wander a bit down there...

Was good having a nice long stretch of visit time with Connie. I have NO idea how she runs after those girls day after day and doesn't lose her gawd damn mind. It's a good thing I had Ayla at 23...dealing with little kids at 40 is a whole other ball game.

It is hot and sunny...I just slept from 5 pm to 715 pm - a nice dead sleep...I don't get much long stretch sleep like that right now sleeping on my back [have I mentioned how I DETEST sleeping on my back?] so that was nice. Ayla washing dishes...that's a rare occurrence, like a witnessing a unicorn eating corn on the cob in an old lady's garden...but honey badger doesn't give a shit so why should I right? I wish I didn't give a shit about anything. I wish nothing bothered me. I wish I wasn't constantly offended by peoples indifference and lack of giving a shit. Pffft.

Enough of that...Sarah B just called me...she cannot wait anymore and is bringing me a pressie. I hope it's a new whatever crafty form she was into this week. That would please me greatly...mind u ANYTHING Sarah brings me will make me so incredibly happy it wont matter if its a new gallbladder.

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