Friday, July 29, 2011

No thank you

I am 100% not interested in EVER having any sort of surgery or medical procedure done again. While this has not been horrendous by any means compared to what I was expecting I am incredibly not fond of having my chi so fucked up. I ended up having an unexpected meltdown last night - which I guess I was due to have since I have been on autopilot since Monday - mainly due to a general feeling of overall gross. I am a little surprised at how little education was offered by the hospital in relation to how one should eat after this surgery - all they said was high fiber diet. They made no mention of the importance of eating very small amounts <--to avoid having any sort fullness in your body and did not stress the importance of foods to avoid...I am revamping my food intake and seeing if that improves my comfort level today.

Today Connie and the girls are coming over. I am gunna venture outdoors to the park with the 3 of them and see how that goes. I have enjoyed all my visits from friends that's for sure...Tracey and Adrienne came over last night and made Greek pitas which were nice though I suspect the flavors and size of that meal did me in for last night which is depressing haha But so yummy! Was supposed to go out with Lisa last night for ice cream but I think I am foregoing anything rich and full of badness like that for a while...its simply not worth the gross overall feeling I really wanna get some kind of sense of what DOES work for me and eating stuff that surely wont is kind of counterproductive.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELYN!!! Hard to believe she is 6 already!


Anonymous said...

are you sure this all isn't because a sponge or something was left in your belly? Maybe somebody dropped a mint in there?

~Jen~ said...

hush...I am a little paranoid of infection right now.