Monday, July 25, 2011

it's my blog and I'm posting look away if you need to

Look at those biggies! WEIRDDDDDDDDDDD! They are weird and layered and as Kate described them "looks like two halves of a hazelnut with minced garlic" hahahahahaa I haven't slept yet...I feel like its gunna be like in car think you are ok until you go to bed and wake up the next day feeling HORRID. I am actually quite ok b/c I am taking T3 every 4 cell is set up to alert me that its time...I do not wanna feel this. I figure I will go regular with T3's all day tomorrow and then only take as needed after that.  Donna my Hospital Taxi Lady was great, she nearly threw up looking at this bottle o'stones bahahaha Tracey came over and made me this GARGANTUAN fruit salad, SO yummy...thank you ladies! :o) 

Anyhow - I am all good! ::That's me being an optimist::

I got my tonsils out when I was 16 and woke up from the anesthetic flailing, hysterical and was SHEER madness! I came to learn some ppl don't do well with the stuff so I made mention to the guy today...when I woke up this time...I wasn't flailing or going raging donkey like last time but I was bawling my head off...I had NO real pain and was rationalizing that I was not scared, in pain or upset at all but could not stop the reaction which was really effed up. I stopped crying when I started COUGHING...and COUGHING...and COUGHING....fuck that sucked. After all that mellowed out I realized my LIP was all FAT! I somehow managed to bite my lip while waking up and its all split inside and sticking outta my face...JHC. My new goal is to avoid anesthetic for the rest of my life. My lip looks normal now with the swelling down but it's all burger inside...I am awesome.
Overall - and shockingly so - it was a really decent experience...the staff there was excellent, the hospital is small and quiet (Saanich Peninsula Hospital - if u ever need surgery try to get it booked in there!) - very organized. When I am mended and such I am taking cookies to the surgical staff office as a thank you and to my surgeon - as he was great and let me have my stones despite it really not being 'allowed' and one of the nurses was quite not ok about (but not an asshole over it like in the PR hospital) it but tough titty cuz the Dr said yes haha off to crawl into my heated bed and will hopefully get some good sleep!

Jen - The Gallstoneless Wonder Child

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wtfisaywtf said...

aside from your lip burger, it's a relief to know that you're gonna live & your liver is still intact!

xoxox & immense get-better-soon mojo!!!!!