Saturday, July 16, 2011

this summer rules

I admit I was enjoying the sun this wasn't too hot and I liked having some color etc but I am pretty much loving the summer being eaten up by the cloudy coolness b/c that means less chance of there being time for a heat wave.

Cat woke me up this morning ~ little a-hole. She has been doing that a a child though she goes through phases and I am sure it will pass before I have to get her put down haha She has been staring intensely at Madelyn's Birthday TuTu I made for a month...doing the physics and math in her head trying to figure out how to get it and destroy it. No way cat...that sucker is getting mailed Monday...the horses finally came for it so it is now complete just in time for mailing! :o) I won't be offended if she hates it...or won't wear I am well aware of the fickleness of GIRLS but...hopefully she will take it for a spin!

Am not feeling well this week...I stayed late at work to get some things done that I don't want to deal with next I didn't get home til 6 pm and I just could not muster the will to do anything so I watched a German movie (ANATOMY) on netflix that had the gal from Run Lola Run in was kinda cheesy but interesting imagery etc.

Then I crashed like a mofo by 11 pm...oh yeah this chick knows how to partayyyy! Today I am hitting the HORRIBLE BOSSES movie with Alex and Lisa...Donna is working so she is missing it...I have HIGH hopes for this movie as it looks tremendously funny to me...for the rest of the weekend I am plan-less...I have some things to do at home that will keep me busy for sure though.

Ayla received her learners in the mail this week so driving school is back on! She also kicked her last test in Math summer school in the ass with a 92% so she should up her mark quite well...she is done at Winner's now and started at HomeSense yesterday for the orientation...woohoo (same company - just a transfer) The new HS opens mid August so they will be setting up and such for the next month. Between that and the job at the ball park and her summer gallivanting she is pretty busy. She bought herself a portable salad container that has a spot for salad and the dressing separately and freezes to keep the salad cold...I thought this was extremely mature of her (ahhahaha) buying herself a container to enable her to eat better at work...and NOW I WANT ONE!!!

WHOLE WHEAT PEROGY VERDICT: they are EFFING GOOD! Not even kidding...I hope they stick around b/c I prefer them to the non-w.w. perogies. CLICK HERE


Barbara Bruederlin said...

YAY! Glad you love whole wheat perogies as much as I do! They are so great. Let's keep buying them so they keep making them.

And Maddie's tutu is great! Aren't you clever? The cat probably wants you to make her one now.

~Jen~ said...

pretty hard to wreck a perogy - thought TRUFFLE OIL would do it 4 me lol anyway...thats my theory - buy buy buy so they stay stay stay

my pal alex taught me how to make tutus - she gets the credit though the horsey part was all that little grrl is a horse nut!