Wednesday, August 10, 2011

gibble gobble gabble

I am finally going to see Trooper with the Coleman Clan...I have managed to somehow never see Trooper live (or April Wine for that matter)...the fact that they are charging 55 bucks a ticket (I KNOW! WTF!) is a little much but if I had seen them a few times over the years it would have added up to that so what the hell. This will be the September musical experience. October it's Sam Roberts with Ayla & Donna...November is Matthew Good...just me and MG...oh yeahhhh 1st row...then December it is Tori Amos in Vancouver...then THAT'S IT...good'd think I was wealthy or something. :\

Sprog is dead sick...her Salt Spring Is. camping trip was a bit of a fiasco sadly...she came home after 1 night sick with her classic sprog razor blade throat...she is currently on the couch dead and I am making her listen to Gordon Lightfoot...she doesn't seem to mind. We will see how she is when Neil Young comes on.

Aunty Cathy
has booked her flight to visit for a few weeks in November...weee! I booked off the same 2 weeks from work so we can go to PR and visit! :) YAY! This month Mags and Sid (maybe Pam??) are coming on the 17th for a few days then taking Ayla back with them for a few that time my Ma will be here for 3 days so we can get a good hang out going and go drive around and see some beaches...

How am I feeling these days you did not ask but I am telling you...I feel shyte...oddly and in a different way worse then the 1st week...I guess things inside are still mending of course and that along with all the stretching and bending and such at work is making me sore and dead. I am tired as a mthrfckr too which is kind of debilitating on my brain. So tired...soo sooooo dead tired. Looking fwd to that gastrointestinal condition is delicate but I will spare u the gory details and just say my diet is rather limited and I have learned this week its best to not stray into old eating habits b/c it is not its all about small snacky frequent mini meals of very simple non-fat foods.

Ohhh yay Michelle B in Bellingham just called me...I gotta make a plan in Sept to go visit for the weekend...Ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! She is gunna feed me tofu that doesn't taste like BUTT! WOOHOO!


Anonymous said...

does it hurt like there is a sharp instrument left inside you?

~Jen~ said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

April Wine played a high school dance that I went to. True story. Not my high school, but the fancy assed one in the rich neighbourhood down the road.

Say hi to Michelle and clan for me!

~Jen~ said...

omg the spoiled little asses! ahahhaa we had "The Pretty Boyz" play at your school dance.... :\ It was the mid 80's...lotsa spandex, big hair, the guys in the band were hotter than any chicks in the gym.