Saturday, August 06, 2011


Fuck u squawking gulls.

Moving is a quiet Saturday morning...all I hear are gulls and a siren in the distance. I watched the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest last night...I managed to forget there was a 3rd one and never saw was a good wrap up...I liked seeing her win finally. (sorry 4 the spoiler haha)

I am going gay-raj sale-ing with Lisa at 9:30 am...I am all organized with a list separated into areas and a map. ha! I will probably still get us lost...the great navigator I am not.

I booked a week off in December so I can go see Tori Amos in the Vancouver and have time to visit with Laura as well as hang with Deanna for the show. I still have enough holiday time to take a good chunk off when Aunty Cathy comes in Nov. too so maybe we can trip up to PR for a weekend or something...? YOU NEVER KNOW! Exciting...My mama mia is here for 3 days at the end of the month...and Mags and Sid are coming for 3 days the week before! Busy Busy having company since I am feeling so detached and deprived of family these days.
Zach, Lindsey & Nolan
Mama Lindsey & new baby Costin

My pseudo-sister Lindsey had her new baby recently. I adore this woman...I have not had the pleasure of spending much time with her over the years at all (she used to actually be my brothers girlfriend way back prior to her mother marrying my step dad Don - Don being my brother and sisters dad) but there is something about Lindsey...she is a level headed thinking human who has really done well for herself and exudes a type of goodness you don't often see.
I am sure that my fondness for her also stems from the fact that my brother loved her hugely and massively when he was alive...anyway...she has had her 2nd son recently and my sister was just informing me of some 'family drama' on that end that I found to be rather bizarre and silly so I feel kinda shitty for her that ppl decided to dump their unhealthy shit on her right after having a baby...rude. People's ignorance is unending...but HELLO to baby COSTIN born at home and doing perfectly oblivious to the inconsequential drama and retardation that is life apparently...just enjoying the boob and sleeping and pooping - what a life!

I took a picture of myself right after surgery while I was high as a kite and had that oxygen thingy in my nose...I must have been high bc I sent it to my friend Michelle in Bellingham WA...haha I also took a picture of the incision where I am convinced the Drs and nurses were punching me b4 I woke up from the surgery...the other 3 stab wounds as I like to refer to them as look normal, slight yellow bruising on one...but this one...this is 2 weeks AFTER the surgery and its still quite impressive
Oooo soooo pretty

looking...exactly the size of a fist....uhhh-huhhhhhh...I have cropped this picture for your own me - u owe me for that.
So that's all the grossness u get from me today...IF YOU ARE LUCKY!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You really rock the nostril tube look! Consider keeping it, you could start a fashion trend.

Anonymous said...

that"s it? that little bruise and you're acting all wussy?