Monday, September 26, 2011

Grind begins again at 5:45 am

I enjoyed this Monday was cold and rainy and I stayed in cooking and cleaning out my bedroom closet...prepping my emergency kit after seeing CONTAGION yesterday...JHC...ppl touch their faces over 2000 times a day...that movie mind-fucked favorite part was when Tracey and I were fully enthralled some lady up front started coughing...I may have had to turtle my poop it was THAT spooky. The movie is they break it down how shit spreads will haunt me for life though.

Back to work tomorrow...5 days til I am off to the city for Liam Finn...and hang out time with Laura...I look fwd to Laura (hairdresser) judging my home cut will give us hours of amusement...and will branch off into the countless hours of material from 20 yrs ago where she gave me terrible perms and hair cuts and all the time I have fallen down in her presence. We laugh a lot...we have VERY LITTLE in common but we have history and that goes a longggg way! Oddly enough I am feeling really weird about going to Vancouver...the sky train system is nuts now and while Laura is planning on picking me up i am prepared in case something comes up and she can't and the thought of dealing with Vancouver transit is causing me mild anxiety..I admit it...I know once I am there and in it I am fine but like with everything I am good at being a gawd damn alarmist.

Oh and the best part of it all...I will in GROUND ZERO MENSTRUAL HADES...hahahahahah fugg.


Unknown said...

Jim and I managed fine on the sky train getting from this place to that place. You will find it a breeze.

~Jen~ said...

I am sure...esp if you 2 managed ok (hahahah) j/k
It impresses me you guys did that actually!