Thursday, September 29, 2011

I have crinked myself. I was moving really heavy boxes of paper at work yesterday and ZING! This morning it is full blown ugly. I have a heat patch slapped on and I gotta say when you can’t move your arms like you usually can it is a challenge to get those sticky things on in the right spot...but never fear...I prevailed and am enjoying the minty hotness burning my neck and shoulder. I would really prefer to have this peaked and over with my Saturday morning please and thank you. Skulking around the city like Quasimoto is not my ideal way to spend a day...besides Laura has enough reason to mock and harass me (homemade hair cut etc) I don’t want to show up hunched or I will never hear the end of it. She has already threatened to take me kayaking and hiking...

Today it is the office lunch at curry rice bowl here I come. I can taste the bliss already. If you have not had the red curry rice bowl then I just feel sorry for you.

BOUGHT A RECORD PLAYER LAST NIGHT ON USEDVICTORIA. OMG I am stoked to play records again...I am slightly sad I didn’t save my whole collection BUT this will make thrift storing even more awesome now that I can buy up all the cool K-Tel records I see and used to have when I was 11. I loved K-Tel records!!! They were always a welcomed gift at xmas...I have recently seen some humdingers that I am eager to fetch! The new record player will be going in my room as that is where one listens to old a bedroom...this creates a far more intimate experience with the record being listened to. Trust me on it. I have spent countless hours in a bedroom listening to records...I know shit.

Facebook is starting to bring me down man...not only am I aware of its vacuous time wasting traits the new ‘update’ is really annoying...and yes I know it is free...but that also means I have the option to stop using it or limit my use in a dramatic way. Guy has recently hit the bricks b/c the privacy settings are so retarded...I thought they would remedy that...give it a tweak...but it appears it was ON PURPOSE...?? The thing that bothers me most is as a user I can go though my entire friend list ONE BY FUCKING ONE and untick a box for each friend that will prevent me from seeing them comment on other ppls posts...ppl I am not even friends with...YET I do not have an option to untick or tick something so that i can PREVENT my friends from seeing EVERYTHING I do on other ppl is a huge lack of privacy and even though I am doing nothing illicit or shifty I am insulted that I have no control over these settings...I am pretty much 100% sure that not every one of my friends is going to go through their entire list of friends and untick this have found myself rather turned off...and Google+ doesn’t feel like much of an alternative...Twitter is gay but its simplicity is at least its simplicity is straightforward and not invasive. I am not rushing into anything – I have in the past deleted my FB account and then regretted it hahaha but I have noticed since getting Facebookitis I don’t read ppls blogs anymore or follow many or participate on message boards...which irritates me...FB has become a DEFAULT and I am thinking that needs to change.

Just over a month before Aunty Cathy gets here...Weeeeeee!! 2 days for Liam Finn! 8 days til I am in Bellingham hanging with my American pals...24 days til Sam Roberts...60 days til Matthew Good! 73 days til Tori Amos!
Oh and fuck CHRISTMAS! Me and Ayla decided to stay home and be SUPER MINIMALISTS this year...make a nice dinner but not get sucked into the hype...Because she is going to Mexico in March we are focusing all $ on that and grad so this year will be her 1st adult style xmas pile...which sounds incredibly dirty and perverted but that’s not what I mean at all. It will not involve sex toys or poo. I mean that present pile will be VERY small...I have already started preparing her.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I never thought about it, but you are absolutely right that the proper place to listen to records is in your bedroom, preferably sitting on the floor.

Now get uncrinked so you can go hiking!

Abu Anka said...

When I get home I am buying a turntable to hook up to my awesome Sansui receiver from the early 70s and then I am going to make iced tea and listen to Santana records until my ass falls asleep and I fall over and hit my head and have a seizure. Maybe.