Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Just go away already ...

This whole Gordon Campbell/Order of BC controversy sure is mind boggling. Even the info provided by the Order of BC office outlining why he is being 'honoured' makes me shake my head...he is being honoured for doing his JOB...there is nothing in there about the hours of work he has done altruistically for a charity or mention of being financially supportive of any charity or's all work done as part of the jobs he has held and was paid to do. And paid well I might add.
It was less than a year ago he resigned in shame for his HST trickery...then he is handed a cushy overseas job by the PM to rub it in ppls really...we have to bestow this Order of BC on this jackass FOR WHAT?
All his dealings are financially motivated for him or his friends and the already well to do...I see no reason he gets such an award ESPECIALLY so soon after his shameful posting as Premier. There is no legacy to honour here. It is really unfortunate for the ppl like Crystal Dunahee who are being overshadowed by this BS when they have made real contributions to our society/province, given their time over years and years with no giant paycheques...Seriously, why are we even talking about this crap and debating its merit when there is NONE?
That shit pisses me off. I am sick of Gordo and his seedy friends getting more and more of the pie while stepping on the throats of the people to get the last gawd damn crumb. This province is an embarrassment politically, like a bunch of drunken monkeys are running shit...oh wait...duh.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maybe he is being honoured for his drunk driving arrest.

Abu Anka said...

I have a special award to give him myself.