Friday, September 16, 2011

Women’s Washroom Etiquette

I have a favourite stall in the washroom where I work. Stall #5 – the last stall against the wall. I walk over 100 steps to get to the bathroom so when I get there and some jackass is in my stall it bums me out...but onward I carry on using an inferior stall to get the job done. It doesn’t ruin my life but it is yet another little disappointment in life.

Now here is the thing – if someone is in Stall #4 I will not use Stall #5 b/c there are 2 others available that are not next door neighbours to Stall #4. My rule is never to use a stall right next to someone if at all possible. I don’t like using stall washrooms on a good day and I certainly do not enjoy someone coming into Stall #4 when I am in Stall #5 when they could have used Stalls 1, 2 or 3 for shits sake. Rude.

Am I the only neurotic stall person on earth? Depending on my mood this sort of thing really pisses me off...I don’t want to pee and be distracted by the bozo in the next stall peeing. Or by the shoes they have on. Or if they pee faster or slower than me. I don’t even like ppl LISTENING to me pee. I am still known to run water when I pee depending on the situation. Clearly I am not afforded this option at work though I have considered how funny it would be for someone to come in with all 5 sinks running and 1 person in the can. Ha. Ohh it is the small things that amuse us mutants.

Stay away from me in the can you drones.


Cyndy said...

There are many woman's bathroom etiquette rule. If there are 5 bathroom stalls 5, 1 and then 3 must be taken first with 3 always being the last of the 3. In only an emergency should 4 or 2 be taken.
If you walk into the bathroom and you see someone in there but you do not hear peeing, it is your responsibility to exit because they are most likely pooping and it is rude to not let them do that in peace. The same respect must be given to you.
Now this isn't a rule, but it is better if you hear someone exiting a stall to give them a 30 second window before you exit, so you don't have to make small talk with someone you have just heard pee. It is better if the whole experience is a mystery.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I used to have more bathroom rules, but I find I just don't get too fussed anymore. It's one of the only good things that comes with age.

~Jen~ said...

ha ha ha Cyndy those are great!
Oh Barb...are u saying that in 10 yrs I will happily blow gigantical farts in the bathroom with other ppl present with no regard at all??

Anonymous said...

oh good grief

~Jen~ said...

Kelly - u men just whip your wangs out in front of each other to pee - you have no credibility here!

Anonymous said...

ahem missy! what makes you think that's how it's done?

and we don't talk to each other or look at each other in there.

~Jen~ said...

that's not terribly different from the women's bathroom unless u get a buncha FRIENDS in there...I dunno wtf that's about...I don't wanna hear ppl I know pee anymore than fact probably less. I got all those right by the way...!

Maggie said...

you are not alone ... that drives me INSANE! love cyndy's rules. LOL