Friday, October 28, 2011

Fryday Duh-Ness

Hectic doing nothing. Ok not entirely true...My evenings are spent on the phone with Tere & redoing 2 NEW OLD one and Lisa’s NEW OLD one that was my OLD one. I had forgotten how time consuming it is...hours and hours – days and days....tinkering. But it is the kind of time that flies so you don’t notice til you look at the clock every night and its bedtime and you haven’t done shit all else @ home. Oops.

Not gunna lie – I am pretty much desperate to feel nothing these days...emotions have been running pretty high the last few weeks and I am about done with it all and want to just slip into a nothingness coma. How’s that for avoidance skills? The real skill would be if I could actually perform such a personal miracle.

A. managed to sneak her awesome self into the OBHS Halloween Dance last was all she has talked about all week...their plan to tape the door doo-hickie so they could weasel in wasn’t what got them in was a random unsecured door...and in they went for a night of fun. I am sure school today will be super fun for her! Ha! It is really cute seeing her so excited about something...with just 6 mths of high school left the next while is going to be pretty eventful I am sure.

Really looking fwd to Cathy arriving next week and the 2 weeks I have off while she is here so we can chill and relax...I don’t think I have ever been able to take her past visits off entirely so this is a sort of treat.

This weekend...I am gunna make T&A a baked pasta dish...cuz I am nice & they are nice too. Sunday I am attending a lunch/mellow non-loser baby shower @ a pub so that’ll be okay...Mama Tara is due in a few mths with a very UNEXPECTED BABY BOY so I have a few little doodads for her...

Tonight is dog walky night with Donna and maybe Lisa’s dog too if she wants to relinquish that chore for the night...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sneaking into the school dance. Nicely done!

It is going to be so weird to have her done high school, isn't it?

~Jen~ said...

it will be weird..............big changes for both of us