Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Some ppl are so weird...I am selling stuff on for a friend of mine and ppl email and haggle and then ask if I can hold it for a month til they have some $ hahahahahaha JFC...

Alex is getting a pug...and naming him Chief Wiggam...I keep calling him Captain Wigwam by mistake.
Puppies are maddening...good luck Alex...I know Lisa is having such a grand time with her puppy Roxi hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (sorry Lisa)...

I am sitting here listening to a my heated wheatie neck thinger on making me sweat...dishes are done...Ayla's pissed at me b/c I suck for a variety of reasons not worth talking about...I have purchased my travel insurance for going to Washington this week...FUN! Really looking fwd to checking out their new place and then hitting Seattle for this: CLICK HERE DOOF! Plus I finally get to meet Michelle's hubster Harrison and little Ms Mia....and have some face to face time with Michelle...! GLORIOUS!

Less than a month til Aunty Cathy visits...weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Lunch making time.....UGH.

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