Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Well...that was an eventful birthday weekend. That neck issue I had went full blown...Saturday @ the ferry terminal as I watched the ferry pulling in  was standing at the window crying in fucking agony debating with myself about whether I was well enough to go over to Vancouver...the spasms were unrelenting. The charlie horses in my neck every time I moved or thought about moving were awful. I opted to go over and go straight to a Dr office to try and get some anti inflammatory meds b/c there was some serious shit going on. Laura was not impressed with coming to get me in her car and I heard about it the whole ride back to her hood...this did not help with my state of mind at all as you can imagine.

My visit to the Dr was futile. I specifically told him T3s were useless for this pain and I needed some anti inflammatory stuff...he poopoo'd me and Rx's me T3's ffs & a referral for massage therapy....at that point I was feeling so dire and horrible I gave in and decided since I was there I may as well make the best of the weekend...I am not sure exactly if it was b/c I was in absolute agony or perhaps my old age of 41 but I was finding Laura's company really negative and a downer to say the least...this coming from the cripple...she seemed rather put out that I was there but I had intended to stay at a hotel at the venue and really should have done so b/c I found the whole experience really uncomfortable and awkward. I am not sure why on earth she invited me to stay at her place quite honestly.

As it turned out there was no extra bed at her place...or a couch to sleep on...sleeping on a foam mat on the floor is not good 4 this fatty on a normal day...being completely incapacitated by your busted gibble neck made it that much more horrifying. Had I been thinking clearly I would have booked a room at the venue right then...but I was not thinking well. If I could do it all over again I would have done EVERYTHING differently. But ANYWAY...the friendship has not weathered the test of time and this is not something shocking...we have nothing in common but our history and perhaps in those situations the way to keep things "ok" is 2 keep everything at arms length...oh hindsight, how you rock my world.

Without turning this into a catty asshole post lets just say I will not be pursuing a regular visit schedule with her and plan to let the already limited friendship slide.

Anyway - despite the cost, the pain, the suffering and filth - the SHOW was AWESOME! Liam Finn was FANfuckingTASTIC and it was 1.5 hrs of bliss...LOVED IT!! Excellent live show...super fun...I planted myself in a spot and just kept myself clear of being jostled and it was BLISS...! I left there feeling like not all was lost...could have stuck around to meet him and such but I don't like that sorta thing so I was content to be on my merry way. I am leaving a shit load of details out to spare you the pain and boredom.

Once I finally got home (1 train ride, 1 bus ride, 1 ferry ride, 2 bus rides later) **that's right - no ride to the ferry for gimped Jenny** I gobbled some old anti inflammatory meds I had prescribed to me in the past and thank gawd b/c they worked like a hot damn...I took Mon off to just keep my head still and by the end of the day Mon the swelling was way down and spasms were history...gunna take a few more days worth of AI's and then I should be okay to head to Washington Sat.

Last time I make birthday plans again.

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