Monday, November 21, 2011

...and then she went home

Aunty Cathy left this morning to head back to Alberta's chilly -20 tundra. Was a great visit...we kept fairly busy with painting the kitchen and revamping the our trip to PR to visit...she is not an idle, sit around person so I think the last few days were tough for her being car-less and me being DEAD honestly...the painting and kneeling and on and off a chair pretty much did me in physically and its taken me until now to feel like my old self. Crippled old fat lady here...not gunna lie. The pay off is grand though - kitchen looks about as kick as as it possibly can...and I have a fridge full of Aunty Cathy's awesome meatballs n gravy! WEEEEEEEEE!!!

Today I am off to a sport med. doctor for my foot/ an x-ray last week...the verdict is BONE SPURS...oh wonder no matter what I have done it has not gone away...this explains everything which is good but sadly it is not awesome at all b/c it's not like that shit just goes appt. will be very informative and common sense tells me it is time to kick some ass again and get back to what is important, that being good eating and shrinking....becoming one with the sit down bike to nowhere...oh yeah.

Adrienne...the big 4-0
Today is also Adrienne's well as Amanda's...nice day to get born's LESBIAN MONDAY ffs! I love this! Today I am stopping by Adrienne's and Amanda's with tokens of my affection before returning home to eat meatballs of deliciousness!

I work again tomorrow...I don't feel at all rested or like I have been vacationing even though it has been awesome to be off for so long...accomplished A LOT which is also good. Glad Cathy and I got some good outings...she really loved our little walkabout with Guy and Donna and our day out at Ross Bay Cemetery.

I am going to go try to go back to sleep...................

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Adele said...

Ooooooo!!! Bone spurs!!! I've heard they are painful! I hope you don't have to wait too long to have something done with the nasty things!!!